Blogging and Presenting at NSBCon 2015

What could be better as my first post than a post about the first conference I’ll be speaking at? A first post where the intent of both the blog and first presentation are one in the same!

I’ll be presenting at NSBCon 2015 which is an “All About NServiceBus” conference. It’s a great conference for anyone interested in topics such as distributed systems, messaging, and microservices. While the focus is on NServiceBus and the Particular Platform, I think anyone interested in similar topics could learn a lot by attending as the underlying concepts are translatable between technologies and platforms.

The full title of my talk is:

Decomposing the domain: Transforming a tightly-coupled synchronous process into an SOA/Messaging based solution using NServiceBus

While I’m very much interested in all those buzzwords (SOA, Messaging, NServiceBus, etc.), what will be at the heart of the presentation (and this blog) is how to break apart problems, turn them on their head, and weigh potential solutions based on properties that are present in a given domain through deep and continuous business analysis.

As an industry, we often (even against our best efforts) make the following mistakes:

The resulting software typically ends up being overly complex with a lot of accidental complexity, doesn’t quite achieve what the business was originally trying to accomplish, and worst of all, creates obstacles that can hinder the business when exploring new opportunities.

While I will blog about technologies and their low-level details from time to time, the area I’m going to focus in is about my experience encountering some of the issues I’ve described above, how I’ve handled them, and what worked or didn’t work.


Update: My presentation has been posted here.

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